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What’s the difference between agile, scrum, KANBAN, OKR, and Flight Levels?

The term „Agile“ describes the ability to be fast and flexible while focusing on customer needs. Having an agile business is the answer for a fast-moving world and its needs.

To make this happen, the organizational structure must support changes, continuous exploration, listening, and product validation.

Scrum defines the organizational structure and communication paths to enable responsibilities, focus, and continuous improvement. It’s important to understand that every aspect of the Scrum guide is a starting point for further changes (even in its own behavior).

KANBAN is focused on optimizing workflow to eliminate waste and adapt changes quickly. It doesn’t define any roles or organizational structures but enables the organization to have the structure transparent and open so that improvements can happen any time.

To become agile, it’s important that the organization understands its targets and defines them with knowledge from every corner of the organization itself. OKR supports nearly every size of organization in setting targets collaboratively and ambitiously.

Considering that organizations rely on structures or even hierarchies, it’s essential to understand where these have an impact on flexibility, customer needs, or speed. With Flight Levels, it’s possible to have a transparent view of the essential paths through the organization.

All these tools and methods promote transparency and support the journey of having an agile company, but the people who are driving are responsible for using these tools correctly and adapting them wherever needed.