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Why innovation or agile workshops don’t make you an innovative or agile company?

Being agile and innovative is based on the most human way of working. Over decades, companies and organizations have tried to become predictable, to ensure quality and bulletproof products, workflows, and decisions. Being agile and innovative is the complete opposite of what companies have trained their employees to do from the first day, sometimes even before they were hired.

As digital technology supports product development, it’s possible to get back into the kids‘ playground, identify ideas, and just bring them to life.

To make this happen, an innovation or agile workshop doesn’t help; they just tell you one simple story:

Have a product and a team of experts. Create, validate, learn, and continue.

It’s a continuous improvement of thinking, cutting edges, and defining values. It’s an ongoing process and transformation, which could (and sometimes should) be supported by experts throughout the whole lifecycle.

These experts need to understand company structures, their products, and people. They need to understand technology and the way of using it. They must be able to influence out-of-the-box thinking. They need to be visionaries and should be able to communicate their ideas through prototypes, visualization, and clear words.

You may need them for weeks, months, or even years. Just a few hours of a workshop won’t make a big difference.